About Michael

Michael Author is a whole-person educator, speaker, energetic wizard, writer, and event facilitator specializing in relationships, radical self-acceptance, and personal transformation. His primary message is that a path to joy opens through the cultivation of deep sensation and internal phenomenology. H12107932_10100571127437904_4041265798248866753_ne has helped individuals, couples, and groups connect with their authentic experiences of their own bodies and transform their lives from hopelessness and discomfort to lives of purpose, pleasure, and action.

Michael holds a BA in Philosophy from Santa Clara University, an MFA from Oregon State University. The vast majority of his experience, however, came from outside of the classroom. Like so many healers and coaches, his life hit a particularly stunning nadir.

In Michael’s case, that low point hit at the age of 29 AFTER his college sweetheart divorced him, he was literally living in someone else’s gypsy wagon, and he found himself in a cluttered spare room in an art gallery watching the woman he impregnated shoot black tar heroin subdermally into her thigh a half gram at a time.

Since that experience, he delved deeply into his own spirituality, his essence, and has worked with numerous empowerment coaches, sexual healers, and all-around solid people to heal his own life and become a catalyst for others to do the same. Michael has helped organize transformational festivals and retreats, and taken a foundational role in two separate men’s groups focusing on empowerment and sexuality. He offers 1-on-1 coaching, magickal activations, and facilitates heart-opening events on the west coast and beyond.


  • Santa Clara University – BA Philosophy and English
  • Oregon State University – MFA
  • International School of Temple Arts – Daka Training
  • Thought Crime – Practical Chaos Magick
  • Evolved Masculine Path Leader