“I Want to Never Experience _____ Again” – What the F#$% Do You Want? Ep 4

Episode Description
“I WANT TO NEVER EXPERIENCE ____ AGAIN.” Tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific. Sept 8, 2018 It’s What the F$#& Do You Want Ep 4 with Transformational Sorcerer Michael Author. Topic: “I want to never experience ____ again.” Oh boy this is a big one! We all have had those horrible things that happened and we said to ourselves “Never again!” But how do we make good on that promise? How can we shore up our boundaries and face the wounds that allowed it to happen in the first place? I’m by no means perfect at this, but I have some experience with a smorgasbord of life catastrophes to draw from. Will I have adequate lighting? Will people show up high and pick fights with me? Will I plug my latest offering? (hint: yes.) Am I on the path to airing on prime time television? Come hang out with me and Stu the WTFDYWantiphant tonight, air your dirty laundry, and help me discover the most effective way to avert disaster (again). Your Ally in Power, MA