A 12-month mastermind for s*xuality & intimacy visionaries who are ready to:

  • Grow a s*x-figure business in 12 mos or less without compromising yourself.

  • Learn how to easily enroll new clients and stop “begging for it.”

  • Express your true self through powerful branding.

  • Receive support from a high-level professional community so that you never feel stuck, overwhelmed, or lost again.

  • Shift your approach to enrollment as cultivating a powerful way of being so you’re always enrolling, even when you’re in your PJ’s watching reruns of Seinfeld.

  • Learn a transformational sales process that treats each conversation as a crucial part of your client’s journey.

  • Create effective marketing to display who you are, what you stand for, your vision, your value, and attract the clients who want YOU.

  • Stay true to your vision while practicing and refining your marketing and outreach strategies.

  • Learn how to write compelling marketing copy in your own words that converts your ideal client.

  • Learn how people work with men, women, tantra, kink, and relationship configurations of all kinds from experts.

  • Expand your knowledge of the se*xuality industry.

  • Grow your skillsets by studying the business practices of others while developing your own.

  • “Peek behind the curtain” at numerous successful businesses to deepen your wisdom.

  • Experience a new level of accountability to keep you ON TRACK to building and sustaining your dream career.

  • Create success on your terms. Do it differently.

You refuse to pretend to be someone you’re not. You may have tried marketing programs that didn’t work as you’d like.

Your field is… different, and you’re an edgewalker.

You’ve created some success, but you’re tired of having to present yourself in just the right way so people see how valuable your sh*t is. You want to be unapologetically you AND grow a thriving business in the field of s*xuality and intimacy that aligns with the vision you hold for a world that is, quite frankly f#$%ed up around sex, relationships and intimacy.


You are willing to expose your process. You are willing to be transparent, and you expect it from anyone you work with. You’ve already done the work. Now create the results….

Oh, and BY THE WAY:

I've recruited rockstars to teach some of the units. Among others, you will be working closely with:


F@#$ And Grow Rich Facebook Group (secret)
1x Monthly Expert Consultation Session (2 hours)
1x Monthly Group Mastermind Calls (90 mins)
Quarterly private coaching sessions (60 mins)
Lifetime Access to Private webpage with group call recordings


3-day F@#$ And Grow Rich Retreat

1 Year of private copywriting support.
Dial in your messaging.

About Michael Author:

Michael Author is a Transformational Sorcerer and who specializes in catalyzing those who are experiencing a time of rapid transition to focus their will and achieve extraordinary results. He also advises service-oriented entrepreneurs who wish to crystallize their messaging and business strategies. He has a background in sacred sexuality, and occasionally leads retreats and workshops. You can find out more at www.michaelauthor.com.


  • "Is this teaching people how to make money by selling sex?"

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is a business mastermind program for visionaries and businesspeople who are service-oriented and seeking to make a difference in the world.

  • "Do I need to be an established S*xuality/Relationship professional?"

    Not necessarily, though it makes it easier. What you need is the commitment, resources, and drive to begin to make changes in the world NOW, and the willingness to use money as a way to do so. You could be a janitor with a passion for helping people with troubled marriages and a burning drive to make that happen. I'll admit it's unlikely, however.

  • "Are you supporting people who are s*x addicts to abuse others by hiding under the guise of 's*x' professional?"

    No. This is for entrepreneurs who lead with their hearts, examine all the ways they may not be in alignment with their vision, and are making the change they want to see in the world EVERY DAY.

  • "Why the controversial name?"

    I'm glad you asked. If you're working in the field of s*xuality as an entrepreneur, you need a thick skin to succeed. It's a filtering mechanism, and a marketing tactic. The title gets attention, which attracts eyeballs. If your eyeball is the one that sees the value, it's for you. On top of that, the word "F#$%" is the most frequently maligned word related to s*xuality. People find it offensive, and tell people not to use it. Mistake. Humans F#$%. It's what we do. When we stuff down that urge and we can't talk about it, it creates predators, liars, and all sorts of nasty behavior. Calling our primal urge by its primal name helps to alleviate some of that tension. Get comfortable with it. F#$%. F#$%. F#$%. If you want to get good at marketing, get good at understanding what drives human behavior. F#$%ing and money are IT for many people.