Parallax Quote two


A Parable


Once, there was a child who thought he saw monsters under his bed. He saw a pale, sickly stalk of flesh curl up from beneath his bedskirt. He shrieked and ran to his mother.

“Mom! There’s a monster under my bed!”

His mother sighed. “No, there isn’t! Here, let me show you.”

His mother took him by the hand and led him back to the room, turned on the light and, of course, there was no monster. The boy felt foolish, but the feeling that there was a monster under his bed never went away. Still, he never brought it up to anyone, because he knew people would think he was stupid. And maybe, the boy thought, he was.

The boy grew up. He learned a trade, he got married. He was a successful man, and made his mother proud. One could call him, like most men, content, though not necessarily happy. And , on some nights, he half-imagined a sinewy arm reaching for his throat before he slept. One night, the vision came with such reality, a grey arm covered in warts hovering over his throat that he jolted awake and could not get back to sleep. He told his wife what had happened, and that he’d had this feeling since he was a child.

“Have you ever thought that maybe there IS a monster under your bed?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, something in your unconscious mind that you’re afraid to look at, and continues to harm you.”

“My mother told me it wasn’t…” He paused. “Ohhhh….” he said.