“I Want a Partner!” – What the F#$% Do You Want? Ep 5

Episode Description
AT 11:59 PM TONIGHT, PST (Sep 23, 2018): “I Want A Partner!” Twin flames to twin piles of ash. Soulmates to soulhates. MICHAEL WHAT THE F#$% IS GOING ON?! I’m coming back with Episode 5 of “What the F#$% Do You Want?” to respond to all of this shit. Pretty much, this is the most-desired topic I have heard recently. What have I been through in this quest for partnership? What have you been through? Will I break down crying? Will you? Is there hope for any of us? For those in partnership, is there even hope for you? Do you need to BE in partnership in order to know how to find it? What the fuck is the key?!?! Are there keys to partnership? What does the term “key to partnership” mean anyway?! Love you all and see you at midnight PST! Your Ally In Power, MA