Dare to be Shiny (To Know You is to Love You)

I don’t know about you but, personally, I’m tired of pretending I’m not an immensely lovable person.

I’m especially tired of listening to all the ways I’m not. Not that I don’t want feedback. I do. But I won’t take it to heart unless I know the person giving it loves me. Otherwise they don’t really know me.

You’re no different. To know you is to love you. You don’t need to play a character in other people’s dramas. You didn’t even audition.

You can tell those sitting in judgment of you from their high towers to go jump off of them. ??

You can tell those sitting in judgment of you from their high towers to go jump off of them. ??

Maybe if you go to the next seminar, the next community gathering, do the next step in Landmark ^_^, or the next coaching program, well… THEN you will be fully integrated and worthy of the love, success, and respect that others enjoy.

With all undue respect, F#$% that. Do that shit, but not because you are broken or inferior.

My reality is filled with badass human beings who want to create with me because they see me and believe in me. Not because they want to use me for what I can do for them, pay them, or say about them. People who see my value. People who find my areas of weakness and love me *there* rather than twisting knives in my wounds.

I invite you to create this for yourself WITH me.

What would it take for you to truly love yourself, and not just pay lip service to the idea of doing so? What would it take for you to only allow those into your reality who really love you? To look those people who doubt you in the eye and tell them to go F#$% themselves? And can you tell the difference between people who doubt you and the people who lovingly challenge you?

That’s what it takes to be shiny. You have to be willing to give the right people the holy “F#$% Off.” Some of them will come back to you and apologize. Some of them may never “get” you. That’s okay.

Repeat after me. I give myself permission to…

–Love myself exactly as I am.

–Create peace in my life on MY terms.

–Live in my joy and sense of purpose.

–Receive adequate compensation for the sharing of my gifts.

–Love who I choose to love.

–Tell the uncensored Truth about myself to those close to me.

–Surround myself with people who love me for me.

–Tell people who don’t believe in me to F#$% off.

With these words I speak I create the reality in which I reside.

Your Ally In Power,