…is mistrust.

Yet, it’s also the easiest to spread. It gets in your head and multiplies like a virus.

Like the most virulent of viruses, it doesn’t require direct contact to acquire. It’s airborne. It can come from almost any source. It can appear as an ally. Once you catch it you will stop believing ANYone except possibly the person who spread it to you.

And, make no mistake, it IS a virus. It will harm you. It will harm your health, damage your relationships, your self-image. You think that the target of this virus is everyone else.

But it’s not. The target is YOU. In the end, the one it always hurts is you. It will isolate you. You will begin to mistrust your own perceptions, wonder if the people you love REALLY love you as you love them. You will want to control them, monitor them.

Sometimes you catch it because someone betrays your trust. Sometimes you begin to believe that they have due to the words of another.

Either way, the poison has found its mark and it will eat away at your spirit. The only antidote is greater love, gratitude, and authenticity (and boundaries if you believe they’re warranted)–the very thing you fear has become impossible.